The Ativador  Group Sicame was founded in France in 1955, and has since been expanding internally and through acquistions around the world.With over 50 years of collaboration with EDF (Electrical de France) and RTE, Sicame has also gained international recognition by bringing solutions to power utilities in more than 120 countries around the globe.

Group Sicame Companies design, test and manufacture connectors & accessories for :

  • Energy Transmission Networks

    Energy Transmission Networks

    (Transmission Line Accessories, Spacer / Vibration Dampers, HTLS Accessories, OPGW Accessories, Obstruction Warning & Bird Diverter Devices, Substation Connectors, and Safety Equipment & Tools.). Major Brands includes SALVI and DERVAUX.

  • Distribution Networks

    Distribution Networks

    Overhead Line Distribution Networks (LV / MV ABC Network Connectors and accessories as per NFC / EN / REC Standard, MV Bare & MV Covered Conductor Accessories).

    Underground Distribution Networks -(LV Insulated Connectors & KITS, Street lighting Accessories and MV Three Layer heat shrink or cold shrink jointing KITS)

  • Electrical Safety and Protection

    Electrical Safety and Protection

    (High and low voltage Personnel Protective Equipment and Live line equipment, to enable “linemen” to ensure the protection of all individuals involved in electrical maintenance operation and equipment involved.) Major Brands includes CATU.

  • Compression Tools & Terminations

    Compression Tools & Terminations

    (non-insulated connectors, pre-insulated connectors, loose and coiled connectors, cabling accessories and compression tools). Major Brands includes MECATRACTION.

  • Special Applications

    Special Applications

    (SMARTGrid Networks:- Remote Control & Fault Indications, Connectors for Solar Panels & Windmills, Special Connectors for Aerospace, Automotive, SubSea, Railway Applications and Accessories for Telecom Accessories for ADSS and FO Cable )

As a response to emerging power scenario in India, Sicame India Connectors Private Ltd was founded in 2006 as SICAME GROUP commitment towards “MAKE IN INDIA”. Since then, Sicame India has grown significantly on its domestic market and today supplies innovative and reliable solutions to major state utilities, private-public undertakings and central power agencies in India as well as to major Asian power utilities.

Equipped with state of the art manufacturing unit in Chennai and laboratory (SITEC – Sicame India Testing and Engineering Centre), accredited by National Accreditation Board (NABL – ILAC MRA), Sicame India is committed to serve its Indian and International customers with latest technologies complying to international recommended standards.

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